1: Natsumi Moe - Virtual YouTuber2021-02-25 23:28:04Z
Thanks for watching the video!
This list is simply based on 'certain' stuff I liked or disliked (and remember from childhood).
If you have any visual novels you want to recommend in the comments, let us know!
I'm sure many others would appreciate it as well~

2: Rєαl Ɓєηנαмιllιση2021-02-25 23:08:45Z
A Michael Rosen reference? I see Moe's into the YouTube Poop culture.

3: terence1m12021-02-25 23:06:21Z
I hate to admit this but Bible black is my first hentai. My poor innocent eyes around that time! 😂

4: mega meme2021-02-25 23:02:26Z
They had us in the first half not gonna lie.
(That actually continued the rhyme.) XD
Love your content moe. 👍
5:24 why do i now really want a gif of that momment now of moes hand gestures?

5: Sad Man2021-02-26 01:42:45Z
*lets someone sleeps normally*
Game: “So you’ve chosen *death!*”

6: Shinnegamine-sama2021-02-25 23:07:49Z
2:47 Oh God I remembered the first time when I play Bible Black a rare Visual Novel but entrtaining

7: ミJamie2021-02-25 23:05:00Z
Ngl moe looks well cute 😊

8: Rolling Gunner2021-02-25 23:01:46Z
Ever hear of Policenauts and Snatcher, Natsumi?

9: Aziz O2021-02-25 23:18:33Z
Katawa Shoujo, hand down the best VN

10: Sather2021-02-25 23:03:31Z
Where is Everlasting summer?

11: AverageZeku2021-02-26 01:19:21Z
Holy smokes Night Shift Nurses. What a great point of entry lol

12: BHBF778ドイツ兵2021-02-25 23:05:26Z

13: Jared Rom2021-02-25 23:38:12Z
Your even cuter than your cat video I-I mean I like your vids. Fine you caught me I love your and I want my favourite YouTube to notice me....

14: Otaking Mikohani2021-02-25 23:31:42Z
Moe has gifted us with her knowledge, and for that we thank you!

15: Butterman aws2021-02-25 23:06:45Z
Reviewing hentai games I'm getting some strong Nux vibes from that

16: dsagent2021-02-26 01:19:11Z
Night shift Nurses is pretty hardcore to start off with probably traumatized a lot of kids.
Dark Alchemist seems like that gory 80's style anime. I will check it out.
Song of Saya is honestly the darkest yet best love story I have come across in a long time.
I enjoy this kind of review video.

17: Rin GRsupra902021-02-25 23:01:28Z

18: Muhao Ai2021-02-25 23:15:37Z
You never really forget your first exposure to hentai...

But, yeah, Starless is... let's just say it's a very, very acquired taste.

A lot of Moe's stuff is stuff I've played too, but if I can offer suggestions for plot visual novels...Anything by KEY is generally very good storywise, but also almost certainly tearjerking. And then there's Kana Little Sister...

19: Iax Moe Slem2021-02-26 01:15:54Z
Why did I come to watch a girl's recommendation for visual novels and didn't see the yaoi coming?

20: YouNeedHealing2021-02-25 23:15:55Z
If I don't see Saya No Uta i'll be disappointed

21: h y2021-02-25 23:03:53Z

22: I ́m.DonDeath_142021-02-26 02:12:31Z
Hen + Tie = Hen wearing a tie


23: MR22021-02-26 03:07:59Z

24: Ashchi Salleh2021-02-26 02:22:20Z
Well good hen wear tai then
Overdrive is great music hentai

That woman. Lol

25: ひぃも2021-02-25 23:42:43Z

26: Adam Belkhalfia2021-02-26 00:01:03Z
Wow u look so cute!!!!!!❤

27: Biwara Yoganata2021-02-26 02:24:59Z
So the third game was Mortal Kombat if it was a Visual Novel?

28: かりんと2021-02-25 23:27:52Z

29: Z-ON2021-02-26 01:16:27Z
I'd recommend reading Fatal Twelve, that's a fun mystery VN.
it has no lewds, so its good for those who doesn't care about that.

30: Rem Forrest2021-02-26 00:00:55Z
As long as it is not on Sony or Nintendo then you should find plenty of decent VN. Natsumi should start reading VN bc I would watch anything she read.

31: Anime Waifu The Hip-Hop Head2021-02-25 23:34:25Z
Hey moe i love your hair today it looks so gorgeous btw what is your outro called?
Enjoy your day moe 💕💕💕💕😍

32: metalmugen2021-02-25 23:24:28Z
Shinji Akari, Bible Black's number one fan.

33: Spanner2021-02-25 23:27:02Z
I still need to watch Night Shift Nurses some day. All I've suffered is that one anime called Boku. Never again.

34: master_ 448 german2021-02-25 23:44:58Z
Henthai with ore without tenacle

35: Afeef2021-02-25 23:16:58Z
Didn't expect Moe would watch NSN

36: uWatanaBmoe2021-02-26 02:46:59Z
Nekopara is gud tho

37: Stefan Dobrescu2021-02-25 23:13:08Z
Thanks dad

38: Reostars2021-02-26 02:11:51Z
Ah a woman of culture i see

39: nachodorito2021-02-26 00:53:38Z
Bestie tell me the man in the thumbnail i need it for.... research!

40: Timotious012021-02-25 23:31:40Z
Natsumi : most Wtf visual novel ever

Hatoful Boyfriend & KFC dating simulator game “finger lickin good” : uhhh...

41: Night Phoenix2021-02-26 01:07:25Z
you never stood a chance

42: Matthew Keen2021-02-25 23:31:23Z

43: Paul Lee2021-02-26 01:25:59Z
why a I watching this...but who cares

44: Blue2021-02-25 23:13:23Z
BIBLE BLACK???!?!?!?!!

45: The Yuri Theorist2021-02-25 23:17:41Z
Very weird but interesting video
Weird but interesting

46: The healer2021-02-26 00:27:52Z
Пошло добро

47: EvilDrCatfish2021-02-25 23:50:57Z
I never played yaoi games as I'm a straight dude, but like, fuuuck me the tags on some of them gimmie the jibblies. Naked Butler has cannibalism innit too x.x

48: EmblemBlade92021-02-26 02:29:28Z
The only thing I know about Starless is that I want to know AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE about Starless. The minds of writers are scary....

49: advancedlamb2021-02-26 00:21:51Z
umineko best vn

・サムネイル画像 高画質

BEST and WORST Visual Novel Recommendations