1: rizky ramadahani2021-07-06 13:09:51Z
Hi Sora thank you for live streaming this is so fun and many soratomo member to join , also there are for moment :
1:09:46 among us join to fall guys
1:22:45 almost win
1:51:40 cute vibe Sora
1:54:56 almost to qualify
That's i'm say thank you for reply

2: John Smith2021-07-06 13:02:27Z
A comfy and exciting stream Soda-Chan! I think you did well.

3: Niklas Ingvarsson2021-07-06 13:01:21Z
Great stream today Sora-chan! You did well!

4: SimplyStalin2021-07-06 13:00:54Z
Amazing Stream!! thank you, Sora!!

5: Tokino Soda 《Sodatomo Monarch》2021-07-06 13:04:46Z
-Tokino Soda
-good job sodatomos 7
-got 2nd place, soooo close
-third time's the charm in the rotating stage
-zero second eliminated in the last game

Thank you for the stream.

6: Sharky Gawrrr2021-07-06 13:16:59Z
1:19:38 cute scared Sora
1:22:49 so close to victory

Thank you for the stream Sora-chan, it's nice to see Sora-chan returning to this frustrating game.
There's a few parts where Sora-chan is just so close to victory but failed, don't worry Sora-chan even if you can't win this time but I'm sure you'll get em next time!!

7: Rod Bon Jovi2021-07-06 13:02:21Z
Thank You Nun Nun-San!

8: ASDえーえすでぃー2021-07-06 13:04:18Z

9: モン吉2021-07-06 13:03:14Z
そらちゃんのfall guys可愛いし楽しかったのでめちゃ元気を貰いました、ありがとう!

10: Happy Happy2021-07-06 13:14:38Z
Thank you for the stream sora chan ☺️

11: たぬまゆう2021-07-06 14:00:42Z

12: Abdülkadir ÇULHA2021-07-06 13:05:20Z
Very Beautiful Thank I Love You Sora <3 <3 <3

13: Tomo-S2021-07-06 13:37:22Z
11:40 Parapaparapappa~
18:18 Ahhhh~
20:20 BGM Gone
33:55 Direct Hit!
40:39 Flying Soda
1:19:00 Arigathanks Soda-Chan
1:22:35 1vs1
1:24:09 Elite English Sora
1:29:14 Not Fall Soda
1:38:34 Cute BGM by Soda-chan
1:54:46 Unlucky Soda-chan

Thank you Sora-chan for the fun Fall Guys stream! You almost won the final stage, Don't mind! Next time Soda-chan definitely get a crown for sure!

14: Armandemo8812021-07-06 13:16:59Z
Es tan adorable😍😍😍😍

15: annie2021-07-06 13:13:59Z
i love you sora chan ♥

16: Rod Bon Jovi2021-07-06 13:01:48Z
1:24:43 Elite English... Oh, Really?!

17: 秋雨2021-07-06 13:48:24Z
今回Fall Guys順利完成了,過得很快樂的時間,總之記得要喝溫水之類的。

18: Yuuka2021-07-06 13:14:01Z

・サムネイル画像 高画質

【Fall Guys】ソーダちゃんはたまにくるもの【#ときのそら生放送】