1: Tomo-S2021-07-07 12:32:21Z
= Red NunNun-chan
= White NunNun-chan
= Ankimo
= Rakka-chan (Falling)
= Yameteyo~ (Stop it!)
= Ah! Maigo (Ah! I'm Lost)

The new stamps are so cute! Thank you Rakka-chan!

2: Jas Frost2021-07-07 12:28:57Z
New cute stickers for the heavenly cutie Sora-chan!

3: かっぱのひれ2021-07-07 12:36:08Z

17:55 【歌詞】消さねっ…け…消されないのよ… 消さねない… けさ… けさ… 消させられ…ん?
21:25 早口な弁明かわいい助かる

4: モン吉2021-07-07 12:29:25Z

5: rizky ramadahani2021-07-07 12:54:56Z
Hi sora thank you for short live streaming, this is so hype also i already know 2 emotes at fall guys live previously like , but now really new stamp around 4 emotes like , one more say thank you for new stamp

6: Abdülkadir ÇULHA2021-07-07 13:09:10Z
Very Beautiful Thank I Love You Sora <3 <3 <3

7: Dr Oopsie2021-07-07 14:02:11Z
my life is complete, but not 100% yet

8: Armandemo8812021-07-07 13:17:30Z
Es tan linda😍😍😍😍😍

9: annie2021-07-07 12:51:31Z
sora kawaii

10: Exis2021-07-07 12:33:06Z

11: くろ2021-07-07 13:58:14Z

・サムネイル画像 高画質