1: Agile Zero2021-11-14 13:03:00Z
I can't get enough of the reaction of Hololive members seeing Korone's evil face. Thank you for the stream, Sora-chan!

2: Ralph So2021-11-14 13:09:11Z
Sora be like
Game: jump scare
Sora: what a cute sticker

3: Iqbal Pakco2021-11-14 13:04:03Z
Thank you for the streaming sora chan , as expected sorachan horror stream was a whole different experience

4: Alola2021-11-14 13:01:55Z
Thank you for the stream sora-chan
Our sora can not brainwashed by the song

5: qor qir2021-11-14 13:08:37Z
pretty interesting i would say, dev doing good job to put brainwash torture elements and even put hilarious ending lol

6: SkyzWitPup2021-11-14 13:16:57Z
Sora Chan is the best top idol in hololive, thank you for the stream sora chan!

7: 工藤新一2021-11-14 13:02:36Z

8: あんでるさん2021-11-14 13:45:24Z

9: ヨウ2021-11-14 13:13:47Z

10: FusionDjango2021-11-14 13:09:17Z
Sasuga Sora-Chan Fearless As Usual!

Can't Wait For A Tsgunohi Game Of You!!

11: Velveteen Sallet2021-11-14 13:50:59Z
Not even the Evil God Korone can scare Sora. As expected from the top idol who eats screams before going to sleep.

12: Marsh Mallow2021-11-14 14:00:10Z
That's a pretty fun horror game with a twist of an ending.

13: Rod Bon Jovi2021-11-14 13:05:28Z
Thank You ぬんぬん for the stream and Thank You for the Cute n' Funny Noises you gave to us! Oyasumi Sora Nun Nun!

14: わごむ【登録者1000人目標】2021-11-14 13:10:57Z

15: Fortune Hatter2021-11-14 13:14:19Z
Justice was served in the end.
Sora-sama is safe.
Good Ending.

16: Phan Tuan2021-11-14 13:18:58Z
If there's somebody calling Evil God Korone's face as cute, it has to be her. She doesn't just simply laugh it off, she even tells listeners about what she ate today lol.
With her, horror games just become non-stop laughing.

17: Rod Bon Jovi2021-11-14 13:02:46Z
2:40 ぬんぬん Kawaii Noise

18: 七月八月2021-11-14 13:02:36Z




19: Z22021-11-14 13:02:43Z
Kinda scare like rushia with different perspective why normal people looking fans vtuber

20: Yuki iona2021-11-14 13:03:16Z
thank you for the stream sora chan

21: Space Y A G O Oat? ♡ best grill ♡2021-11-14 13:42:40Z
Sora rta it so fast wow 😅👍🏻

22: 秋雨2021-11-14 13:09:02Z

23: annie2021-11-14 14:08:57Z
i love you sora chan

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